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Night on Fic Mountain 2014 [Apr. 23rd, 2014|07:40 pm]
Oh gosh, this is my second fic exchange! I'm copying parts of this letter from my Yuletide 2013 one. I'm excited and nervous to be taking part all over again~

In general my favorite fics tend to be either short character studies or porn -- or some combination of the two. I like anything from angst to fluff to humor, but I dislike graphic violence and horror. In general I'd rather read a short fic exploring characters' relationships and emotions or a single scenario than any lengthy complicated epics. Not really a fan of crossovers or AUs, or magic/supernatural events in a canon that doesn't already contain them.

When it comes to sex scenes I prefer m/m or het, but I'm fine with f/f if there's plot in it, though I haven't requested many female characters. I also mostly like fairly vanilla sex -- light bondage is great, anything beyond that (heavy BDSM, watsersports, bloodplay, etc) not so much. (And hey, don't want to write sex at all, or would rather keep it vague or fade to black? That's fine too! I'm only being so specific in the hopes of avoiding something that squicks me.)

I feel like browsing what I've written and bookmarked on ao3 is a pretty good indication of the kind of thing I like. But honestly, I'm REALLY not very picky. I also genuinely want every fandom I'm requesting, and they're all so tiny that just having more fic of them exist will delight me. Anyway, on to the specifics!

Fandom: Starsky & Hutch (2004); characters: David Starsky, Ken Hutchinson
Disclaimer: I have ONLY seen the 2004 film and am 100% unfamiliar with the original TV series. But, man, do I adore Movie!Starsky. He's a lawful good man in a chaotic neutral world, and it's obviously not always easy on him... and he definitely seems to have a giant crush on Hutch. (I mean, I kinda got a crush on him during the "Don't Give Up On Us" scene too, I can't blame him.) I would love to see a fic with Starsky really struggling with his sexuality, especially since sodomy laws were still on the books in California until 1976. Angst and self-loathing and Hutch comforting him, that's what I really want.

Fandom: Bottle Rocket; characters: Anthony Adams, Dignan
Oh gosh, I really love Dignan, as messed up as he is. I really would love any fic for this movie at all; things I'm particularly interested in are what Dignan's home life might be like (the movie doesn't really tell us at all), and what might happen to him once he gets out of jail. Is there still going to be room for him in Anthony's life? (I hope so. I would be a-ok with fic interpreting his feelings for Anthony as a little more than platonic, too.)

Fandom: The Royal Tenenbaums; characters: Eli Cash, Chas Tenenbaum
I'm completely hung up on both of them, and really interested in the idea of them spending time together -- and, yeah, okay, I kinda ship it, which is at least partly due to the actors playing them but also just because they're both so troubled and lonely. At the end of the film Richie and Margot seem to have found each other, but where exactly does that leave Chas and Eli? (I do like Richie/Margot as a pairing too, but I find myself wondering how Chas would feel about it.)

Fandom: Tropic Thunder; characters: Tugg Speedman, Kirk Lazarus
Both of these guys spend the whole movie struggling with self-identity, neither of them really sure who they actually are. But at the end they seem to have a pretty close friendship... okay, yeah, I ship this too. I don't have any clear ideas on what kind of story I'd want from this one. Maybe something where there are tabloid rumors about the nature of their relationship -- which are either true or not (or not true at first, but become so). Something like that? I dunno, I just love these idiots XD

Fandom: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013); characters: any (Walter Mitty, Cheryl Melhoff, Sean O'Connell)
I love this movie. No, like, I REALLY love this movie. I saw it seven times in the theater and I love all of the nominated characters in any romantic combination. I have no prompts for this, I just really, really want someone who isn't me to write fic of it some day. My only specific request is that if you'd rather write Walter/Sean than Walter/Cheryl, I really want Walter and Cheryl to be friends still! Whether they work out as a couple or not I think they really forged a special relationship by the end and I want them in each other's lives., there's a lot of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in these. Huh.
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Dear Yuletide Writer 2013 [Oct. 8th, 2013|04:49 pm]
This is my very first Yuletide, and while I'm excited I'm also nervous. If I commit any faux pas in this post or elsewhere in signups please bear with me = )

All of my prompts are going to be on the short and sweet side, because I'm not terribly picky about what I get. In general my favorite fics tend to be either short character studies or porn -- or some combination of the two. I like anything from angst to fluff to humor, but I dislike graphic violence and horror. In general I'd rather read a short fic exploring characters' relationships and emotions or a single scenario than any lengthy complicated epics. Not really a fan of crossovers or AUs, or magic/supernatural events in a canon that doesn't already contain them.

When it comes to sex scenes I prefer m/m or het, but I'm fine with f/f if there's plot in it, though I haven't requested many female characters. I also mostly like fairly vanilla sex -- light bondage is great, anything beyond that (heavy BDSM, watsersports, bloodplay, etc) not so much. (And hey, don't want to write sex at all, or would rather keep it vague or fade to black? That's fine too! I'm only being so specific in the hopes of avoiding something that squicks me.)

The Royal Tenenbaums

Characters: Chas Tenenbaum, Eli Cash, Richie Tenenbaum
Maybe it's just because Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson play them and they're in so many things together but for some reason I can't get the idea of Chas/Eli out of my mind. They're two sad lonely men who could maybe be a little less lonely together -- whether it's romance, friendship, or something more confusing and desperate. Richie's feelings on their new-found closeness a plus. (Please no Chas/Richie, but I'm fine with background Richie/Margot).

Running Wilde
Characters: Emmy Kadubic, Steve Wilde, Fa'ad Shaoulian
OT3 anyone? Fa'ad certainly seems attracted to both Steve and Emmy at various points in the series. Maybe they find themselves okay with that.

Arrested Development
Characters: George Michael Bluth, Paul "P-Hound" Huan
Best friends and college roommates, they have some great scenes in the series (the "peace pizza" is my favorite). I'd love to see more about them -- their initial meeting, or general college hijinks, or something about what Fakeblock did to their friendship. ...and heck, I wouldn't say no to slash about them either, if you want to go that route.

30 Rock
Characters: Devon Banks, J.D. Lutz
Remember that time Devon got engaged to Kathy Geiss and she ended up in charge of NBC as a figurehead while he was really running everything and then he kind of couldn't handle it and had a breakdown and apparently had a lot of random anonymous sex in the park? ....well it was at the end of season 2/beginning of season 3. Lutz is canonically bisexual and a total pushover and I just love the idea of a slightly desperate Devon coming on to him and totally having his way with him. (If you wanted to involve Jonathan in some way I wouldn't mind that either.)

Wild ARMs

Characters: Rudy Roughknight, Cecilia Adlehyde, Jack Van Burace
...OT3 again, anyone? Seriously, why can I find no fic of these three? Porn with Rudy in the middle would be my favorite thing ever; something more focused on the emotional side, the three of them realizing how deep their connections to each other really go, would also be awesome. (Please, just don't involve Hanpan in any sex scenes!)

Let's Go to Prison
Characters: Barry, Nelson Biederman IV
This movie was way more adorable than I ever would have imagined. I love these guys. Post-movie domestic fluff at the vineyard would be amazing, or anything about how they first fell in love -- the movie gives us hints but leaves most of the details up to the imagination.
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Writer's Block: Dream or Reality? [Dec. 7th, 2010|05:55 pm]

What do you think really happened at the end of the movie Inception? Have you ever had a dream that you confused with reality?

Sponsored By INCEPTION.

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...I haven't actually seen Inception yet... but I once had a long dream based on the anime Cowboy Bebop, and just before I woke up, in the dream I got shot in the hip. It hurt so badly that as I started waking up I was afraid to move because it still hurt. As I gradually started to realize I had been dreaming, the pain faded away.

I also have had dreams in which something crazy happens, and then I "wake up" in the dream and tell a friend about my weird dream, only to wake up again for real and get confused about whether I've actually told the friend or not.
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Silly art meme [Jul. 17th, 2010|01:02 am]
I was convinced by some people on Gaia to do this drawing-a-day challenge even though I have... rather LIMITED art skills. I did two at once before realizing I was jumping the gun, but I figured I may as well post them!

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New icon [Jul. 15th, 2010|07:58 pm]
I barely even USE LiveJournal but oh, do I love this icon. So much.

Oh yeah, I made a newish blog for my dreams! It's at and I put both new and old dreams up now and then. I try to do a couple a week if I don't forget.
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Hooray, a totally bizarre dream! [May. 27th, 2010|01:55 pm]

There was a scene near the beginning where some old guy had a house that was connected to another house. Th second house was all closed up, though. One day he decided to open it -- I think his son was moving in with him or something -- and in the old house was a little black cat. But that's all I remember.

There was a part where I got all of Sailor Moon on DVD and started watching it, I believe with Will, who had never seen any. As I watched I tried to remember the name of a character who basically looked like Tuxedo Mask dressed in white and with blond hair. I never figured it out, possibly because this character does not actually exist.

Now it started getting weird. I was on a pontoon boat and took a nap, and when I woke up an extra pair of legs was laying next to me. They were MY legs, except I clearly didn't need them. When they started moving on their own I got really freaked out and tossed them overboard. Later, a full clone of me, which had grown from the legs, showed up. But the only thing I remember doing with her is going to sing karaoke...

Then, I was suddenly in One Piece! I had the annoying task of trying to save a bunch of characters who were going to get killed off. See, there was this magical ritual thing where if you signed your name on a picture of yourself, threw it into the ocean, and recited a chant, you would die and transfer your life force to make someone else stronger. People kept trying to do this for Luffy and I kept running around grabbing the pictures and ripping them up. I was REALLY annoyed because I knew Luffy wouldn't want them to do that for him -- I literally said "What is Eiichiro Oda thinking?!" at one point -- and also because I felt like they should have had more faith in Luffy, because he didn't need their help and was strong all on his own.

All of the people I was saving were not real One Piece characters but rather made up by my subconscious, with one exception: Ace, whom I saved the first time he tried it, but who then thwarted my plans by performing the ritual in a video game cutscene, so I couldn't move during it. I was so mad at him XD So was Luffy, actually. Then Luffy and Koby(?) were carrying Ace's body to some kind of magical spring in a cave, or something.

I have no idea where the rest of the crew went, btw... none of them were trying to kill themselves though, so they apparently knew Luffy well enough not to do that.

There was also a part where this huge group of cute baby alligator-like things got eaten by the adult alligator things. That was sad.

And THEN I was on trying to figure out how much One Piece to say I'd watched. It's tough to judge when you're inside the show.

Then I went out shopping with Will and Brandon to some kiosk that sold CDs and DVDs. Apparently I was going to buy Mary Poppins. Brandon pointed out some movie with Eeyore on the cover and was all "They have that movie you love! You should get it!" I'm not sure why he thought I loved an Eeyore movie...

...and that's all!
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Writer's Block: News development [Mar. 23rd, 2010|12:33 pm]

What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

First question listed was submitted by rabbitswift. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

View 1973 Answers

I have an incredibly vague memory of seeing the Challenger explosion on TV. I think I actually watched it live on TV... I don't entirely remember how it made me feel except that I was sad; such a big deal was made over the fact that a teacher died that I don't even know if I realized there were other people on board too.

This happened in January 1986. I would have been about three and a half.
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There was so much more to this one that I don't remember = ( [Feb. 17th, 2010|01:24 pm]

I don't really remember what order this all went in... here's what I've got, though.

I and several other people were taking a tour of some rich guy's... golf course. That he'd built a museum on also. There were rowdy kids there riding their bikes up and down some stairs. The guy had a TON of cats, and also, for some reason, a bunch of toads that were some special rare kind of toad. The toads hung out in these plastic aquarium type things but they had openings in them that the cats could get in and out of. Apparently the cats never bothered the toads. There was also one really huge gray cat that I thought was in a cage. It was called a "Zoo Cat", apparently. But the "cage", it turns out, didn't actually have any glass in it and she could just wander out. I had picked up a tiny kitten along the way and was afraid this huge cat would hurt her so I hung onto it really tightly. The kitten seemed to like being carried around by me. I ended up keeping it and naming it "Moira".

There was a part where I was at some big house. The house was, like, within a video game, and you had to explore it and solve puzzles, like a less creepy version of The 7th Guest. I was there with a couple other people (I don't remember who). There was a big conservatory-type room that had a statue of Zevran from Dragon Age in it and it turned out it actually WAS Zevran, turned to stone, and you had to change him back. Someone I was with was going to do it but I was all "grrr no he is mine!" and wouldn't let them XD

There was a part where there was some kind of huge war and Yoko from 12 Kingdoms used some ridiculous magic spell to turn back time and change history and make everyone in the world happy. Except that it killed her. Huh.

There was another part that was happening right before I woke up, but I can't remember what that was now...

EDIT: Ah! Of course I remembered just after I posted! There was some group that was inviting people to this camp/retreat where they could meet loved ones who had died. Of course it was all fake... they were just paying actors to pretend to be the dead people. But for some reason almost everyone there believed it. There was also a bit where I was in a hotel for an anime convention and the elevator stopped IN my room, which was kind of cool, but I was worrying that anyone could get into my room XD
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2010|12:55 pm]

How did I manage to have a dream that started with a Caribbean vacation and ended with nearly everyone being slaughtered by Darkspawn?

Actually, that isn't quite true; it started with me in a badge pickup line at an anime convention. While in line I suddenly realized I had neither my ID nor my hotel room key on me... so I couldn't pick up by badge OR get back to the hotel to look for my ID.

Then it jumped to the part where I was on a Caribbean cruise with my friend Robin. We had stopped on an island and were wandering around looking at stuff, but not together -- for some reason we had signed up for two different tour groups. Anyway, I was looking at some ridiculously cute little ducks when I realized I didn't have my camera. And hey, guess what... once again I had forgotten my room key, so I couldn't get back to get it. I suppose it was just as well since then the scene cut to these two young cruise ship employee guys who were supposed to be cleaning our room but were taking the moment of privacy to totally make out, instead.

Then, the scene skipped to... some kind of Templar induction ceremony, where the two cruise ship guys were being inducted into the Templars. Wait what? XD I was there with Alistair and Leliana (I think Morrigan may have been around too?) and I kept teasing Alistair about how he didn't take his Templar vows and he was all like "oh come on you know you're glad I didn't" (because last night IRL I finally got him, ahem, into my tent, ha). Anyway... one of the templar inductees was kneeling to take his vows when suddenly the templar who was supposed to be inducting him stabbed him in the back. A huge battle broke out as like half the templars started killing the other half, who were totally confused about what was happening. A bunch of demons and Darkspawn came pouring into the room and we were doing our best to fight back, but were totally overwhelmed. Then suddenly some ending credits started up, and in between were cutscenes about what happened to the characters. It'd cycle through each character. Leliana's screen said "R.I.P" in huge letters and sure enough her ending showed her getting killed by Darkspawn. I think Alistair also got killed, but Morrigan just sort of disappeared somewhere. (I'm honestly not sure what happened to me. I had ceased being a participant and was just watching it at this point.)

Yeah, so it wasn't all that fun after the part with the ducks... XD
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Hatsuyume time! [Jan. 2nd, 2010|01:15 pm]

This was an interesting dream because I rotated my POV through each of the three main characters in it.The first was some kind of oracle or priestess. She lived in a temple and was highly revered by the community. She basically had free reign to do whatever she wanted and nobody bothered her, because it was generally regarded that she heard the voices of the gods and did their bidding. She had visions sometimes and was very good at interpreting them; apparently sometimes other people would have visions and ask her about them and she could interpret these also.

There was also a teenage boy who was part of some kind of monastic order in the temple. He had a shaved head and was very shy. I'm not really sure what the monks did. The third character was a spoiled son of a rich family who was at the temple to study. He wasn't a monk or planning on becoming one; he was there to study something from them (though I'm not sure what. At one point in the dream I'm pretty sure he was taking driver's ed. Ahhh, dreams, you are so silly.)

I don't remember many details; there was a point where I was the girl and realized that this group of soldiers were mostly corrupt and I had to kill most of them. I would see these red auras around the ones I had to kill. Their leader was this kind of bumbling but likable guy and I was kind of relieved when I wasn't expected to kill him.

At one point I was the rich boy. I'd had a big crush on the girl, and we apparently hung out a lot, the three of us, and became friends. However she never really returned my feelings, and eventually I realized that I also liked the monk boy. I confessed to him on a beach at night while the oracle girl was performing some kind of ceremony. Right after that there was some kind of flash of light and flaming letters appeared in the sand, but before I could read them the monk boy messed them up and I couldn't tell what they were. I insisted we had to go let the girl know, but he shook his head and ran off, back to the monastery.

I was spoiled and kind of vain and couldn't understand why he wouldn't be completely happy that I was interested in him. I followed him back to a room at the temple where apparently all the younger monks slept (it was a big hall with rows of beds), and tried to talk to him again. He was nervous and embarrassed and admitted that he did like me but that the other monks wouldn't be happy if they found out. I started kissing him, and he returned the kiss for a moment until the door opened. We both jumped back, trying to act like we'd just been having a normal conversation, as other people returned from the ceremony.

Then there was a part where I was the monk and a young girl who was apparently also part of the order was complaining about how boring her classes were. She showed me a secret passage in the back of a storage closet that you could use to sneak into an office and steal answers for exams. (I guess this was a school as well as a monestary, but it was starting to get very high school-like...) I laughed because I had known about the passage for years. I was actually amused because it was much wider and easier to get to than it had been when I was her age.

And that's all I remember. Pretty weird hatsuyume, eh?
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